Effective and professional sports management

Our mission is to provide successful solutions for players and clubs, by creating strong working relationships which benefit everyone.

Working with the world's biggest clubs

Whether it be scouting or transfer deals, when there is more at stake for you than just a game, we will always put our best team of experts on the field.

A class apart, a new way of doing things

With SMC, integrity can always be taken for granted. We insist on professionalism, decency and reliability, simply because football means so much to us.

Helping players exceed their potential

We deal with our players in a personal, reliable and forward-thinking way, offering comprehensive support and game-changing ideas off the pitch.

Prepared for every challenge

Negotiations with the media or partners, protection of trademark and image rights and expert knowledge in the financial sector. We set up everything for you.

Giving our all for
both sides

There are advisers for players and advisers for clubs. SMC Sports provides both – and much more besides. Respected by the world’s biggest clubs, valued by both upcoming and established stars, we are committed to football as a whole.

In the best hands
as a player

From talent-spotting and assistance throughout the professional ranks to targeted career realignment after retirement – SMC Sports provides players with constant, prudent all-round support.

On a level playing field with club owners, chairmen and CEOs

A football club is a business whose success often seems impossible to predict. Having held senior executive positions in major clubs, we know the business side of the game inside-out.